Intermountain Native Plant Summit VII

  • Boise, ID

This workshop was sponsored by the Boise State University Department of Biological Sciences and the USDA Agricultural Research Service.

Download Videos of Workshop Presentations (WMV files):

Kas Dumroese - Native Plants Journal
Kas Dumroese - Functional restoration
Andrew Kulmatiski - Exploring root-soil interactions to find new ways of controlling weeds
Tom Yankey/Ann Kennedy - Weed-suppressing bacteria
Bryce Richardson - Genetic relationships and adaptive variation of big sagebrush species
Amy Forman/Roger Blew - Big sagebrush demographics
Lar Svenson/Matt Germino - Sagebrush responses to climate
Francis Kilkenny - Genecology of three native bunchgrasses: implications for management during climate change
Richard Johnson - Ecological genetics and seed zones: home on the range
Val Anderson - Local ecotypes for disturbed land restoration: ideals and realities
Tom Jones - Performance of bluebunch and Snake River wheatgrass populations in the eastern Great Basin
Steve Parr - Options for native plant material development
Doug Johnson - Utah trefoil (Lotus utahensis): a legume for the southern Great Basin
Graham Hunter - Eriogonum coryMBosum in the landscape: a common garden study
Jason Stettler - Agronomic production of native lupines
Tom Jones - Ecologically appropriate plant materials for functional restoration
Tom Monaco - Sixty-five years of cheatgrass control research: a model for the future emerges
Erica Freese - Understanding disturbance response and restoration options: utilizing state and transition models
Tom Jones - Novel ecosystems
Jeremy James - Winter environmental conditions have large effects on grass recruitment
Nathan Cline - A comparison of germination predictions for 11 revegetation plan materials
Lauren Porensky - Using a coMBination of short-term irrigation and native grasses to overcome restoration barriers
Julie Larson - Redefining recruitment strategies
Derek Tilley - Direct seeding methods to establish wetlands
Jamin Johanson - Improving habitat management with ecological site classifications
Loren St. John - Pollinator planting demonstration
Danny Summers - Habitat restoration projects in Utah and the use of plant materials
Paul Krabacher - Native seed in the BLM: status, trends, and what's next
Mark Mustoe - Interaction between the American Seed Trade Association and the native seed industry
Steven Paulsen - Oil and gas restoration: challenges with native seed
Matt Madsen - Restoring North America's sagebrush-steppe ecosystem using seed enhancement technologies