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Webinar: The development and use, procurement and deployment, and provisional zones for native plants

Webinar recording                                                                                   

Brad St. Clair, Research Geneticist, USFS Pacific Northwest Research Station, Corvallis, OR; Vicky Erikson, Geneticist, USFS Pacific Northwest Region, Pendleton, OR; and Andy Bower, Geneticist, USFS Olympic National Forest, Olympia, WA present this three-subject webinar on the development and use of seed zones, the use of seed zones in the procurement and deployment of native plant materials, and provisional seed zones for native plants.                                                                      

Originally aired: Thursday, Jan 29th, 2015
Run time: 1:26:12
Download: .wmvfile for Windows Media Player (70.8 MB)
Powerpoint Presentation (17.1 MB pdf)
Webinar Brief (488 KB pdf)