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Webinar: Introduction to the Target Plant Concept

Webinar recording

The Target Plant Concept (TPC) incorporates five variables: objectives and constraints, limiting factors on the outplanting site, stocktype, source of plant material, and outplanting and follow-up practices that should be considered as determining factors for how, where, and when nursery stock are produced for restoration projects. Using the TPC as a standard for successful restoration, the procurement of plant material moves from being based on availability and economics to inclusion of specific seedling attributes that are likely to result in establishment success. Anthony S. Davis, Director, Center for Forest Nursery and Seedling Research, University of Idaho, and Jeremy Pinto, Research Plant Physiologist, USFS RMRS Grassland Shrubland and Desert Ecosystem Research, Moscow, ID, highlight the use of this framework through current research and operational examples, and provide guidance for potential new approaches in restoration practices.