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Plant materials for restoration workshop

  • UC Davis Conference Center 550 Alumni Lane Davis, CA, 95616 United States (map)

This year's workshop, Do No Harm, in Davis, CA will focus on the use of non-local plant materials in restoration activities to:

  • Identify stumbling blocks to achieving ecologically and economically successful restoration of disturbed lands in California.
  • Bring experts, practitioners, suppliers, and policy makers together to develop best management practices to overcome these obstacles.

Who should attend: Land owners, conservation organizations, trusts, agencies and jurisdictions managing open space or rights-of-way, nurseries, seed collectors and distributors, consultants, conservation organizations, researchers, policy makers, and any other active practitioners of restoration and suppliers of restoration materials or services.

Topics covered: Geographical sourcing of reliable ecotypes and species; management of conservation lands and policies constraining management; biogeography and current/future climate considerations for plant material selection, including non-natives; the role of breeding system, genetic structure, and phenotypic plasticity in selecting and sampling plant material populations; inadvertent selection during multiple generation grow-out operations; local/non-local/non-native tolerance to abiotic and biotic stressors in restoration, including resistance to subsequent exposure to invasion by non-desirable species.

For more information, visit the event website.