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Annual Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative's Public Forum

“Be part of the conversation! Join the Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative’s (LCC) Public Forum Jan. 23 – Feb. 6, 2017. You can help shape the landscape-scale conservation work happening in the Great Basin.
The Public Forum is a short-term, interactive website where visitors can learn about the LCC’s recent efforts and provide input on our future work, including:

  • Future webinar topics and other opportunities for information sharing
  • Rangeland fire prevention, management and restoration
  • Expanding resistance and resilience work to forests and woodlands
  • Working with tribal partners
  • Suggestions for new Steering Committee members

A kick off webinar, Jan. 23 at 10:00 AM (PST), will start the event and introduce the topics of the Forum.

Register now! We encourage people to register even if they are unable to attend the webinar to receive a notification when the Forum is live. Registration is quick, easy and free! Anyone is welcome to join.

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