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Next generation fire modeling for advanced wildland fire training: an introduction

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This webinar presented by James Furman, U.S. Forest Service Liason, Air Force Wildland Fire Center, Eglin Air Force Base, is being hosted by the Southern Fire Exchange. 

Current fire spread models available to managers are inadequate for predicting the complex influences of atmosphere, forest structure, and different ignition patterns on fire behavior. The Air Force Wildland Fire Center at Eglin AFB, in collaboration with Los Alamos National Laboratory, have initiated a project to demonstrate the capabilities of a physics-based, fluid dynamics wildland fire spread model, FIRETEC, to simulate fire behavior from various prescribed fire scenarios in southeastern fuels. The FIRETEC simulations being produced in this project were specifically designed by fire managers to answer their most pressing questions.  These FIRETEC simulations, which will be highlighted in this webinar, represent the future of fire modeling and, as part of this project, will be used to develop advanced ignition techniques training materials for wildland fire managers.