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Using fire and grazing to maintain productive and ecologically resilient grasslands

This webinar presents information about the effects of grazing and fire on grassland wildlife and opportunities to manage grazing lands to accomplish production and wildlife goals.

Fire, grazing, and climate are the major forces that maintain ecological health in grasslands. Today’s grasslands are increasingly threatened by climate change, habitat loss and fragmentation, and degradation of ecological processes and communities. The effective use of fire and grazing management to conserve remaining grassland areas is critically important. This webinar will provide training on the value of biological diversity and ecological resilience and discuss how fire and grazing can be used to sustain resilience, wildlife habitat, pollinator communities, and other important ecosystem components. Examples will be given of how ranchers might incorporate some important principles into existing management systems and evaluate the success of their management from a conservation standpoint.

This webinar is being hosted by USDA NRCS Science and Technology. 

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