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Fire Leadership for Women - Prescribed Fire Training Center

The Prescribed Fire Training Center (PFTC) is offering two fire leadership training modules for women in February and March 2018. Application deadline is October 20.

What students can expect to get from the session:

  • Discussions on perspectives from working in a male dominated world – challenging supervisors, barriers to long-term fire roles, family/life choices, practical experiences of working alongside men for positions in leadership.
  • Establish a network of women committed to pursuing long-term careers in wildland fire management.
  • Find mentors who are invaluable for career progression.
  • Improve self-confidence.
  • Gain practical leadership experience as RXBB, FIRB, ENGB & FFT1.
  • Compare thoughts with counterparts facing similar struggles, and those who are successfully working in fire-related careers.

How to be selected into the program:
Candidates must submit applications including: a copy of your current red
card, IQCS master record, and answer to -  Why are you interested in a module specifically designed to support fire leadership for women?

For more information, see event flyer, visit PFTC website and/or contact Greg Seamon 850.523.8631