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Landscapes and Editing (Friday 3/23/18, 9:00 AM Pacific)
Trying to figure out how to edit landscapes in IFTDSS or just interested in picking up some tips and tricks to do it better? This webinar is for those trying to learn how to edit landscapes in IFTDSS to better represent their area!

Modeling and Reports (Friday 3/30/18, 9:00 AM Pacific)
The beauty of IFTDSS is that nearly everything is exportable as a report or summary. With a fairly large number of items on each report it's easy to get lost. Join us to take some of the mystery out of IFTDSS reports and reporting.

Developing Treatment Alternatives (Friday 4/13/18, 9:00 AM Pacific)
Treatment comparison is one of the more complex parts of the IFTDSS app. There's no doubt that comparing landscapes is tricky business. If you find yourself scratching your head or staring at the screen a lot, join us to help take some of the mystery out of landscape comparisons!