Science Framework for Conservation and Restoration of the Sagebrush Biome

View the publication. Chambers, Jeanne C., USDA Forest Service, and others.  April 2017.  Science framework for conservation and restoration of the sagebrush biome: Linking the Department of the Interior's Integrated Rangeland Fire Management Strategy to long-term strategic conservation actions. Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS-GTR-360.

The Science Framework is intended to link the Department of the Interior’s Integrated Rangeland Fire Management Strategy with long-term strategic conservation actions in the sagebrush biome.

  • It provides a multiscale approach for prioritizing areas for management and determining effective management strategies within the sagebrush biome.
  • It links sagebrush ecosystem resilience to disturbance and resistance to nonnative, invasive plant species to species habitat information.  
  • It is intended to be adaptive and will be updated as additional data become available on other values and species at risk.