Successful vegetation management practices in the sagebrush-steppe

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This learning series responds to Section 7.b.iii, Action Item #5 within the Fuels section of the 2015 Integrated Rangeland Fire Management Strategy, which calls for a comprehensive knowledge transfer program to enhance the fuels management program’s role in sagebrush-steppe management. The Strategy is intended to improve the efficiency and efficacy of actions to address rangeland fire, to better prevent and suppress rangeland fire, and improve efforts to restore fire-impacted landscapes.
The learning modules synthesize the state of the science for six management topics:

  • Background and origins of the conservation problems facing the sagebrush steppe and greater sage-grouse
  • Understanding and applying the concepts of resistance and resilience
  • Management of sagebrush ecosystems experiencing conifer encroachment
  • Management of sagebrush ecosystems at risk of or invaded by invasive annual grasses
  • Restoration of sagebrush steppe ecosystems
  • Issues specific to the eastern range of greater sage-grouse

Resource Manager Toolkit: Post-Fire Floods

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The After Fire Toolkit and Information website is where managers,  landowners, or communities can find guidance for assessing and preventing potential damage due to post-fire flooding and related events.  Browse this site to find information on the research, methods, and tools available for measuring and reducing risks associated with post-fire flooding, debris flows and sedimentation.

Land-use planning to reduce wildfire risks and costs - Tools from Headwaters Economics

The Community Planning Assistance for Wildfire (CPAW) program provides communities with expertise in land use planning, forestry, risk assessment, and research to identify and reduce local wildfire risks and costs. Learn even more background and access other tools at Headwaters Economics.

Interactive Sage-Grouse Mapping Tool Sage Grouse Initiative

Interactive Sage-Grouse Mapping Tool Sage Grouse Initiative

The Sage Grouse Initiative developed an Interactive Web Application to catalyze and improve habitat conservation efforts across the western United States. The interactive mapping tool is free and available to the public. It helps visualize, distribute, and combine information about the sagebrush-steppe ecosystem.

LANDFIRE (Landscape Fire And Resource Management Planning Tools)

LANDFIRE (Landscape Fire And Resource Management Planning Tools)

LANDFIRE is an interagency vegetation, fire, and fuel characteristics mapping program.  Download and view geospatial layers and other data products that depict the nation's major ecosystems, wildlife habitat, vegetation or canopy characteristics, landscape features, and wildland fire behavior, effects, and regimes.

IFTDSS (Interagency Fuels Treatment Decision Support System)

IFTDSS (Interagency Fuels Treatment Decision Support System)

IFTDSS is a web-based software and data integration framework that organizes previously existing and newly developed fire and fuels software applications to make fuels treatment planning and analysis more efficient and effective.  You must create an account to begin using this tool.