Mark Brunson
Co-PI. Steering Committee, USU. Coordination with academic partners; social sciences



Jeanne Chambers
Co-PI. Steering Committee, USFS RMRS. GBRMP, USGS, ARS liaison. Lead web-based clearinghouse.


Brad Schultz
Co-PI. Steering Committee, UNR Cooperative Extension. NRCS liaison. Coordination with extension throughout the Great Basin; lead program effectiveness assessments. 



Elizabeth Leger
Co-PI. Steering Committee, UNR. Coordination with academic partners; lead syntheses development.


Steve Bunting
Co-PI. Steering Committee, U of I. Coordination with academic partners; lead online training. 




Cheri Howell
Co-PI. Steering Committee, USFS, Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest. USFS liaison. Lead field workshops.


Mike Pellant
Project Principle Investigator, Overall BLM program administrator, Lead development of agency mentors and cadres.



Génie MontBlanc
Great Basin Fire Science Exchange Coordinator
Organize and conduct science delivery activities, create research-management linkages, provide technical information.