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Science Framework for Conservation and Restoration of the Sagebrush Biome, Part 2

View the Science Framework, Part 2.  View the news release.  View the ScienceFrameworkInfographic. The Science Framework for Conservation and Restoration of the Sagebrush Biome, Part 2, is the first-ever comprehensive scientific framework […]

Fire severity, time since fire, and site characteristics influence streamwater chemistry in the Sierra Nevada

View study. Taken together, findings suggest that the response of stream chemistry to wildfires in the Sierra Nevada, California, can persist for years, varying with both fire severity and site-specific characteristics. These […]

Comparing smoke exposure from wildfires and Rx fires

View brief. This study examines the differences in community level exposures to smoke from both wildfire and prescribed fire.

Natural experiment shows fuel treatment effectiveness

View brief. Strategically placed landscape area fuel treatments in the Sierra Nevada were put to the test in this study when the American Fire burned through previously treated areas. Both fire effects […]

Changes in surface and crown fuels 32 years following mountain pine beetle in sc OR

View article. Our key findings concerning changing fuels and forest structure following a MPB epidemic in south-central Oregon lodgepole pine forests include: 1-h fuels and litter changed little over time, surface fuel […]

Wildfires and climate change push low-elevation forests across a threshold

View article. This study quantified relationships between annual climate conditions and regeneration of ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir, two ecologically and economically important conifer species in low-elevation forests of western North America. We […]

Horse rich and dirt poor

View video. Ecologist Charles Post travels across Nevada to explore how overpopulated wild horses effect native wildlife. A Wildlife Society film by Charles Post, Phillip Baribeau, and Ben Masters.

Bristlecone pine and climate- Feature on NPR’s Science Friday

Read article. View video. Bristlecone pine has weathered many climate changes. They’ve been getting punched in the face their entire species history and even, in some ways, thrive in the face of […]

Conifer removal benefits sage-grouse, other birds, and rangeland productivity

View brief. Large-scale encroached conifer removal is an increasingly widespread practice that benefits rangeland productivity and restores habitat quality for sagegrouse and other sagebrush-dependent wildlife. Recent studies show that after encroached conifers […]

Seed and seedling traits impact establishment in invaded systems

View article. The best seed sources for restoration of Elymus elymoides in invaded sites were populations with longer roots, larger seeds and earlier emergence. These easily measured traits were strong predictors of […]