Research and Publications

Partnering for ecosystem conservation is essential

View brief. Discussions of successes, struggles, and failures with partner-specific tools are vital to the successful implementation of “translational ecology” a formal term for biological conservation partnerships.

Facilitation, coordination, and trust in landscape-level forest restoration

View article. Collaborative forest management efforts often encounter challenges related to process and stakeholder relationships. To address these challenges, groups may employ the services of coordinators and facilitators who perform a range […]

Identification of bees in southwest Idaho: A guide for beginners

View guide. This document was prepared to help scientists and the public, both of whom may not be familiar with bee taxonomy, learn how to practically identify bees in sagebrush steppe and […]

The sensitivity of snow ephemerality to warming climate across an arid to montane vegetation gradient

View article. The Great Basin, United States is an ideal system to study snow ephemerality across a broad climate gradient. To identify the climatic controls on snow ephemerality, we analysed moderate resolution […]

Now you see it, now you don’t: a case study of ephemeral snowpacks and soil moisture response in the Great Basin, USA

View article. Ephemeral snowpacks, or those that persist for < 60 continuous days, are challenging to observe and model because snow accumulation and ablation occur during the same season. This has left ephemeral snow […]

Climate variability affects the germination strategies exhibited by arid land plants

View article. Here, we ask how mean climate and climate variation at individual sites and across a species’ range affect the specialist-generalist spectrum of germination strategies exhibited by 10 arid land forbs. […]

Seeding plants for long-term multiple ecosystem service goals

View study. The historical management of agroecological systems, such as California’s rangelands, have received criticism for a singular focus on agricultural production goals, while society has shifting expectations to the supply of […]

Restoring dryland old fields with native shrubs and grasses: Does facilitation and seed source matter?

View article. This study tested the effects of different levels of functional diversity (planting grasses and shrubs together, vs. planting shrubs alone), seed source (cultivars, local or distant wild-collections), and irrigation regime […]

Preestablished plant influences on antelope bitterbrush seedling recruitment and growth

View study. This study evaluated the influence of preestablished plant species distance, direction, and identity on antelope bitterbrush (Purshia tridentata Pursh) seedling establishment and biomass production. Antelope bitterbrush seeds were planted 10- […]

Effects of rotational grazing management on nesting greater sage-grouse

View article. This study evaluated how recently implemented rotational grazing systems affected sage‐grouse nesting habitat quality as part of a large‐scale, replicated, natural experiment in central Montana, USA. We used Bayesian methods […]