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Long-Term Recovery in Native vs. Nonnative Post-Fire Seedings

View paper. Results indicate that postfire seeding has lasting effects on vegetation composition and structure, implying that seed mixes should be carefully formulated to promote long-term management objectives. Seed mixes containing large […]

JFSP research funding opportunities

Primary Research Funding  Two task statements: Effectiveness of fuel breaks and fuel break systems Reducing damages and losses to valued resources from wildfires Graduate Research Innovation (GRIN) Funding Multiple topic areas: Fuels […]

Building a wildfire-resistant home: Codes and costs

View report. Wildfire disasters will be more common if unmitigated home development continues in the wildland-urban interface. A new home built to wildfire-resistant codes can be constructed for roughly the same cost […]

Evaluating collaborative progress in natural resource management

View paper. In this paper, we present a reflexive examination of how and why we, an academic and a practitioner, arrive at different evaluations of collaborative progress in natural resource management. We […]

Fire operations: Discussing current practices and necessary changes

View report. This collection of essays—divided into three key categories: Risk, Culture, and Operations—daylights qualities and practices in the wildland fire service across a broad spectrum, from outdated and unwarranted to honorable […]

Nonnative plants, fuels, and desert revegetation

Access research brief. To revegetate disturbed desert lands, practitioners often reestablish fertile islands as a first step in restoring native plants and associated fauna on disturbed desert sites. This research brief discusses […]

New strategy for protecting watersheds in a warming world

View article. In increasingly arid regions such as the western U.S., water managers are learning that careful management and restoration of watershed ecosystems, including thinning trees and conducting prescribed burns, are important […]

Pre‐dispersal seed predation and pollen limitation constrain Astragalus utahensis

View article. Our results suggest that pollen limitation and insect herbivores limit population growth in A. utahensis similarly across the centre‐to‐north portion of its latitudinal distribution. However, because A. utahensis population growth […]

Restoring species diversity: Assessing capacity in the US native plant industry

View paper. Of the approximately 25,000 vascular plant taxa native to the United States, 26% are sold commercially, with growth form, conservation status, distribution, and taxonomy significantly predicting availability. In contrast, only […]

Nevada Society for Range Management Suggested Reading – Winter 2019

View abstracts. Abstracts of Recent Papers on Range Management in the West. Prepared by Charlie Clements, Rangeland Scientist, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Reno, NV