Research and Publications

Conserving diverse wet habitats keeps western rangelands resilient

View report. Sage grouse and many other species rely on a range of mesic habitats—including riparian areas, wet meadows, alfalfa fields, and productive rangelands—to sustain their populations. Landscapes with the greatest uncertainty […]

Managing big sagebrush in changing climate

View study. This publication identifies areas where big sagebrush populations are most and least vulnerable to climate change and demonstrates where continued investment in sagebrush conservation and restoration could have the most […]

Seed and seedling traits have strong impacts on establishment of perennial bunchgrass in invaded semi-arid systems

View article. The best seed sources for restoration of Elymus elymoides in invaded sites were populations with longer roots, larger seeds and earlier emergence. These easily measured traits were strong predictors of […]

Decision biases and heuristics among emergency managers: Just like the public they manage for?

View study. This study found that emergency managers exhibit some of the same decision biases, sensitivity to framing, and heuristics found in studies of the general public, even when making decisions in […]

Influences on the adoption and implementation of a wildfire mitigation program in an Idaho City

View study. This study used focus groups with local officials and residents in McCall, Idaho, to better understand their application for formal, city-wide recognition from the Firewise program. Results indicate the importance […]

Common native forbs of the northern Great Basin important for greater sage-grouse

View field guide. This field guide is a tool for the identification of 119 common forbs found in the sagebrush rangelands and grasslands of the northern Great Basin. These forbs are important […]

Building a wildfire-resistant home: Codes and costs

View article. This study finds negligible cost differences between a typical home and a home constructed using wildfire-resistant materials and design features. Decades of research and post-fire assessments have provided clear evidence […]

Minorities are most vulnerable when wildfires strike in the US

View article. This study, which can be found in the journal PLoS One, suggests that people of color, especially Native Americans, face more risk from wildfires than whites. It is another example […]

Examining the influence of positionality in evaluating collaborative progress in natural resource management: Reflections of an academic and a practitioner

View article. This paper presents a reflexive examination of how and why we, an academic and a practitioner, arrive at different evaluations of collaborative progress in natural resource management. We situate this […]

Some advice for getting a politician to listen to science

View article. To create a better road map for scientists, researchers interviewed Democratic and Republican members of the U.S. Congress to ask what advice they would give the scientific community to help […]