Designing Regional Fuel Breaks To Protect Large Remnant Tracts Of Greater Sage-Grouse Habitat In Parts Of Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, And Utah

Mar 20, 2015

Final report prepared by The Nature Conservancy for the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA).

View the final report here.

You may also access the 750 MB geodatabase that goes with the report:
File 1 (682MB)
File 2 (84.5MB)

These GIS vector and raster data are meant to accompany the following report:
Welch, N., Provencher, L., Unnasch, R.S., Anderson, T., McRae, B. 2015. Designing regional fuel breaks to protect large remnant tracts of Greater Sage-Grouse habitat in parts of Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Utah. Final Report to the Western Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies, Contract Number SG-C-13-02. The Nature Conservancy, Reno, NV.