Targeted Grazing – A Collection of Resources

This collection includes resources for planning and implementing targeted livestock grazing as a tool for managing fuels in the Great Basin.

General Information/Background Materials –

Society for Range Management’s Targeted Grazing website 
The art and science of targeted grazing – A producer’s perspective
Targeted grazing: applying the research to the land
An evidence-based assessment of prescribed grazing practices
Presentations from the 2016 October 6 Targeted Grazing Workshop in Reno, NV

Invasive Species –
Conditions favoring cheatgrass dominance of endangered sagebrush steppe
Effects of targeted grazing and prescribed burning on community and seed dynamics of cheatgrass-dominated landscape
Defoliation effects on cheatgrass seed production: implications for grazing
Cheatgrass and grazing rangelands
Targeted livestock grazing to suppress invasive annual grasses
Cheatgrass and range science: 1930-1950
Use of livestock to control cheatgrass: a review
The population biology of cheatgrass: effect of disturbance, grazing, and litter on seedling establishment and reproduction
Cheatgrass: a challenge to range research
Grazing invasive annual grasses: the green and brown guide

Livestock Production –
Grazing capacity, sheep gains: cheatgrass, bunchgrass ranges in s ID
Cheatgrass range in southern Idaho: seasonal cattle gains and grazing capacities
Nutritive value of cheatgrass and crested wheatgrass on spring ranges of Utah

Fuels/Fire Behavior –
Reducing cheatgrass fuel loads using fall cattle grazing: a case study
Livestock grazing effects on fuel loads for wildland fire in sagebrush
Grazing for fuels management and sage-grouse habitat maintenance and recovery
Targeted sheep grazing on herbage and saplings in wildfire prevention system in south-eastern Spain
Considerations for strategically reducing fuels and wildfires on public lands in the Great Basin with targeted grazing
Interactions among livestock grazing, vegetation type, and fire behavior in the Murphy wildland fire Complex in ID and NV, July 2007
Cheatgrass cover mapping and fire risk
Effect of livestock grazing and fire history on fuel load in sagebrush
Grazing and fire management for native perennial grass restoration in CA grasslands

Water –
Prescription grazing to enhance rangeland watersheds

Community Health/Wildlife Habitat –
Livestock grazing and sage-grouse habitat: impact and opportunities
Explaining patterns of species dominance in shrub steppe of the Junggar Basin (China) and Great Basin (USA)
How heavy grazing and protection affect sagebrush-grass ranges