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Aspen Spatial Bibliography

Access the bibliography. This interactive map and database highlights aspen research as it relates to regions in primarily North America.

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Annotated bibliography of scientific research on greater sage-grouse published since January 2015

View bibliography. The greater sage-grouse (hereafter GRSG) has been a focus of scientific investigation and management action for the past two decades. The 2015 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service listing determination of...

Targeted Grazing – A Collection of Resources

This collection includes resources for planning and implementing targeted livestock grazing as a tool for managing fuels in the Great Basin. General Information/Background Materials – Society for Range Management’s Targeted Grazing website ...

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Foundational literature for moving native plant materials in changing climates

View bibliography. This bibliography reflects the growing interest in assisted migration, the intentional movement of plant materials in response to climate change, and provides a central foundation for collaboration in generating research...