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The Great Basin Fire Science Exchange (GBFSE) connects land managers and scientists to improve pre- and post-fire management decisions by providing relevant information and access to technical expertise. To learn more about the GBFSE, watch our short video, Getting to Know the GBFSE and review our Story Map highlighting 10 years of projects, events, and resources made possible by the GBFSE.

This project is one of 15 regional Fire Science Exchanges funded by the Joint Fire Science Program. The project works to:

  1. Provide a forum for identification of fire, fuels, and post-fire vegetation management technical needs
  2. Develop and synthesize the information and technical tools to meet these needs
  3. Provide the information and technical tools through preferred venues
  4. Develop direct lines of communication between scientists and managers.

We expect public and private land managers to benefit from this project by having a place and a person to turn to for answers to technical questions and leads to research contacts, and we expect research scientists to benefit by gaining new ideas and partnerships for research and by providing new methods of outreach for research results.

Integrated Rangeland Management:

The GBFSE is committed to providing access to scientific information that meets the needs of sagebrush ecosystem management, and part of this involves involvement and dedication to An Integrated Rangeland Fire Management Strategy.


The GBFSE (originally Science Delivery Project) implementation proposal was funded by the Joint Fire Science Program in September of 2010 and comes up for renewal every two years. Below are recent annual reports, if you are interested in viewing earlier annual reports, please request from Génie MontBlanc (geniemb@unr.edu).

2023 Annual Report

2022_Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

The Great basin Fire Science Exchange includes portions of six western states.

Outline of the Great Basin Region- se OR, s ID, w UT, NV, e CA

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