Mark Brunson
Principal Investigator. Steering Committee, USU. Coordination with academic partners; social sciences.

Mike Pellant

Co-PI. BLM liaison, lead development of agency mentors and cadres

Jeanne Chambers, USFS RMRS

Co-PI; GBRMP and USGS liaison,  lead web-based clearinghouse and syntheses.

Brad Schultz

Co-PI. Steering Committee, UNR Cooperative Extension. NRCS liaison. Coordination with extension throughout the Great Basin; lead program effectiveness assessments. 

Elizabeth Leger

Co-PI. Steering Committee, UNR. Coordination with academic partners; lead syntheses development.

Steve Bunting

Co-PI. Steering Committee, U of I. Coordination with academic partners; lead online training. 


Cheri Howell, USFS HTNF

Co-PI. USFS liaison, lead field workshops.

Beth Newingham

ARS.  Co-PI; ARS liaison, lead development of agency mentors and cadres. 


Jeremy Maestas, NRCS. 

Co-PI; NRCS liason, co-lead field workshops


Génie MontBlanc

Great Basin Fire Science Exchange Coordinator
Organize and conduct science delivery activities, create research-management linkages, provide technical information.