Resilience and Resistance - A Collection of Resources

Science Framework Book Cover

Science framework for conservation and restoration of the sagebrush biome

View the infographic. View the Forest Service Bulletin summary. View a list of information and tools for applying these concepts. View the executive summary. The Science Framework for Conservation and Restoration of the...

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Resilience and resistance of sagebrush ecosystems: Implications for state and transition models and management treatments

View article. In sagebrush ecosystems invasion of annual exotics and expansion of pinyon and juniper are altering fire regimes and resulting in large-scale ecosystem transformations. Management treatments aim to increase resilience to...

Tapping soil survey - Page 1

Tapping soil survey information for rapid assessment of sagebrush ecosystem resilience and resistance

View article. On the Ground Emerging applications of ecosystem resilience and resistance concepts in sagebrush ecosystems allow managers to better predict and mitigate impacts of wildfire and invasive annual grasses. Widely available...

Rapid Assessment field guide cover

A field guide for rapid assessment of post-wildfire recovery potential in sagebrush and pinon-juniper ecosystems

View field guide. This field guide provides a framework for rapidly evaluating post-fire resilience to disturbance, or recovery potential, and resistance to invasive annual grasses, and for determining the need and suitability...

Treatment selecting field guide cover

A field guide for selecting the most appropriate treatment in sagebrush and piñon-juniper ecosystems in the Great Basin: Evaluating resilience to disturbance and resistance to invasive annual grasses, and predicting vegetation response

View field guide. This field guide identifies seven primary components that largely determine resilience to disturbance, as well as resistance to invasive grasses and plant succession following treatment of areas of concern....

Using resistance and resilience field guide cover

Using resistance and resilience concepts to reduce impacts of invasive annual grasses and altered fire regimes on the sagebrush ecosystem and greater sage-grouse: A strategic multi-scale approach

View report. This report provides a strategic approach for conservation of sagebrush ecosystems and greater sage-grouse that focuses specifically on habitat threats caused by invasive annual grasses and altered fire regimes. It...

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Resilience to stress and disturbance, and resistance to Bromus tectorum L. invasion in cold desert shrublands of western North America

View review. This review examines the effects of disturbances, such as grazing, and changes in climate on resilience and resistance of cold desert shrublands that span temperature and precipitation gradients across the western...

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