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6th Annual Nevada Native Seed Forum

Forum presentations.

Sessions include a variety of native seed topics including permits, collection, production, testing, certification, storage, marketing and restoration. 

“The goal of the forum was to bring growers and stakeholders together to discuss cultivation and native seed availability to help facilitate the success and expansion of native seed suppliers in Nevada,” said Meghan Brown, deputy administrator for the Division of Plant Health and Compliance at the Nevada Department of Agriculture, a member of the NNSP.

Native seeds refer to plant seeds native to Nevada landscapes, cultivated in this climate. These seeds can acclimate to Nevada’s unique environment, increasing the plant’s chances of survival. The NDA supports the industry by providing wildland seed certification services and ensuring Nevada native seeds maintain purity for use in land restoration efforts. These rehabilitation projects are completed by land management agencies or landowners in response to devastating land impacts from wildfires, invasive species, land development, among other activities that result in surface disturbance. Restoration efforts are critical to protecting wildlife habitat, supporting diverse land use, and mitigating future wildfire impacts.

“NNSP has worked to increase availability of native grown seed for restoration projects,” said Brown. “We’re excited to announce new resources to better connect growers with native seeds and assistance.”



March 23, 2022
9:00 am - 5:00 pm PDT

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