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Evaluating native seed mixes for post-fire seeding the Great Basin

Webinar recording.

Description: Post-fire seeding has been widely implemented in the Great Basin in response to the threat of resource degradation and weed invasion following fire disturbance. The longstanding practice of seeding non-native forage grasses has worked well for some purposes, but seeding native species is a more sensible choice if natural vegetation recovery is a long-term objective. Seeding natives raises questions of cost, establishment ability and whether native species will be as effective as non-natives in outcompeting invasive annuals. We consider these issues in the context of a study where outcomes of native and non-native seed mixes were compared during an 18-year timeframe following wildfire. Successional trajectories of seeded treatments were compared with unseeded controls and late-successional reference communities to assess restoration potential of treatment options.

Presenters: Francis Kilkenny, Research Biologist, USDA Forest Service and Jeff Ott, Research Biologist, USDA Forest Service. 


July 28, 2020
9:00 am - 10:00 am PDT

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