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Grass Identification 2-Day Short Course

What: Basic Identification of Grasses: A 2-day short course taught by Arnold (Jerry) Tiehm, Great Basin Flora Specialist

When: Course will be offered March 25-26 and 27-28, 2024.

Cost: $ 170.00 for non-students, $ 90.00 for students.

Registration: By contacting the instructor ([email protected] | 775-742-9180-C). Bringing a check to class made out to Board of Regents.

Where: Class will be from 8:00 am -12:00 pm, one hour lunch break, 1 pm – 5 pm daily. It will be held in room 300G of Fleischman Agriculture at UNR. Hot water and some coffee and tea will be available in the classroom.

Details: This two-day short course covers the unique taxonomy associated with grasses and some grass-like plants. Basic terminology, dissection skills, and use of a key are critical elements of this class. We will cover not only how to identify grasses, but how to collect and press them for future reference or for the purpose of mailing to others for identification or verification. You can anticipate seeing about 50 different grass genera, along with various “grass-like” plants such as sedges and rushes. This class is for beginner through intermediate agrostologists.

This class may be taken for 1 unit of optional credit during any semester. Let the instructor know if you want to receive credit so you can obtain a class number. A requirement of receiving credit is turning in a plant collection. You must also pay the separate credit fees with UNR.



March 25
March 28

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