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Grassland fire research database

Presenters: Dinyar Minocher and Roy Vera-Velez

When we recognize fire as an integral component of grassland and parkland ecosystems, addressing constraints on fire application and halting the decline of prairies’ health become crucial. Controlled burns applied strategically by land managers can restore historical fire regimes and promote the growth of native grasses, forbs, and wildflowers while mitigating the encroachment of woody species. Conducting prescribed burns also helps reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires that can cause vast damage to human communities and the environment. Despite this, understanding both the ecological consequences of fire deficit and suppression, and the obstacles behind reimplementing safe fire on the prairie landscape remains a significant challenge. These difficulties limit the development of informed strategies to restore and maintain the health of these ecosystems.

Join us as Dinyar and Roy discuss the role of the Canadian Prairies Prescribed Fire Exchange (CPPFE) as an avenue that enables various organizations, landowners, and groups to adopt effective fire practices. Learn more about the grassland fire research database, a key initiative of the CPPFE designed to disseminate the most relevant scientific information available to fire practitioners. Dinyar and Roy will also outline the latest findings from a quantitative analysis of the grassland fire research database, examining the impact of fire on both grassland productivity and diversity.​

Dinyar Minocher used to fight fires for the province of Alberta and Parks Canada and was the Fire Operations Coordinator at Grasslands National Park. Now, Dinyar leads the CPPFE. Roy Vera-Velez has a PhD in grassland ecology, with his post-doc looking at the effects of fire on forage quality, diversity, and productivity.



September 8, 2023
8:30 am - 10:00 am PDT

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