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Listening to the flow: Discoveries from wildland fire acoustics

Webinar recording.

Sound is a fundamental part of our experience when interacting with the world around us. So fundamental in fact, that we often forget to question what it is we are hearing. Our long relationship with all aspects of fire, including the sounds of fire, are deeply intuitive and yet elusive. What is creating the crackling sound we hear when vegetation burns? What is it really telling us about the exchange between vegetation and fire? What is making all that “noise” near a fire that causes us to raise our voices as we work or turn to observe with a fresh sense of alert concern? What sounds are involved that lead to a safe or unsettling feeling around wildland fire? In this webinar, I will take a deep dive into the crackling sound of fire; what is this sound really telling us, where is it coming from, and what else is going on besides what we hear?


April 28, 2020
8:00 am - 9:00 pm PDT

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