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Management responses to mountain pine beetle infestations on National Forestland in the western US

Webinar recording.

Researchers present results from a National Science Foundation-funded project studying management responses to Mountain Pine Beetle infestations in the western U.S. This research includes case studies of national forests and surrounding communities that were heavily affected by impacts from the beetle in Colorado, Montana, South Dakota, and Washington. The scale, scope, and public visibility of the beetle outbreak resulted in different responses in the four case study areas, including the use of different management approaches and policies. The rapid pace at which the epidemic spread also created challenges around managers’ inability to respond quickly enough. In this presentation, the scientists share findings on differences and similarities between how the different case studies responded to mountain pine beetle impacts and what policies, authorities, and approaches managers used to address beetle issues in their national forests.


September 4, 2019
10:00 am - 11:00 am PDT

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