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Science x Forests USFS webinar series

Webinar recordings.

  • Monday, November 14 SCIENCE x Forests: Silviculture for the present and future
    A compendium of silviculture treatments for forest types in the United States: Silviculture guidance to support modeling, scenario planning, and large-scale simulations, presented by Thomas Schuler
    Prescribed burning considerations following mechanical treatments, presented by Sharon Hood
    Reforestation in an era of megafires: A wicked problem for the Forest Service in Region 5 and elsewhere, presented by Martin Ritchie
  • Tuesday, November 15 SCIENCE x Forests: Forests and climate change
    Preparing our forests for the future, presented by Mike Battaglia
    The Pacific Northwest carbon dynamics research initiative: Co-production to assist land managers and policy makers, presented by Andrew Gray
    Sink, swim, or surf: Surging climate change impacts and the role of climate-adaptive silviculture, presented by Alejandro Royo
  • Wednesday, November 16 SCIENCE x Forests: Innovations in forest research
    From the forest to the faucet: Tools and data linking surface water from forested lands to public water systems, presented by Peter Caldwell
    Cloud computing advances regional old-growth forest monitoring for the Northwest Forest Plan, presented by David M Bell
    What is resilience in frequent-fire forests and how can it be measured?, presented by Malcolm North
  • Thursday, November 17 SCIENCE x Forests: Urban forestry, community, and wood utilization
    The science and practice of urban silviculture, presented by Nancy Sonti and Rich Hallett
    Expanding urban wood utilization, presented by Charlie Becker
    Not by trees alone: Centering community in urban forestry, presented by Lindsay Campbell
  • Friday, November 18 SCIENCE x Forests: Invasion and outbreaks in forests
    Species home-making in ecosystems: Toward place-based ecological metrics of belonging, presented by Susan Cordell
    Invasion and outbreak within an epidemiological model, presented by Rima Lucardi
    Mapping Armillaria-killed trees with high-resolution remote sensing, presented by Benjamin Bright


November 14, 2022 @ 11:00 am PST
November 18, 2022 @ 12:00 pm PST

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