LANDFIRE – Last two informal office hours of 2022

Webinar registration for upcoming. Recordings of past 2022 webinars. October 26 - Description: Snag hazard mapping to reduce risk to wildland fire responders Presenters: Karin Riley, Research Ecologist, USFS, Rocky Mountain Research Station Kit O'Connor, Research Ecologist, USFS, Rocky Mountain Research Station December 7 - Description: How are LANDFIRE's vegetation and cover products mapped? Presenter:…

Considering equity in wildfire risk and protection

Webinar registration. Description: This webinar will summarize recent research examining the equity implications of rising wildfire risk and associated costs, including insurance coverage and the comparative costs for risk management activities in populations with different incomes. Presenter: Matthew R. Auer; The University of Georgia School of Public and International Affairs

Western Governors’ 2022 Winter Meeting

Meeting webpage. The Winter Meeting (Dec. 6-7 in Phoenix, AZ), hosted by Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, will feature the Western Governors and their special guests in public conversations about the most significant issues facing the region during the two-day event.

Increases in large wildfire driven nighttime fire activity observed across the conterminous US

Webinar registration. This presentation discusses the results of 17 years of active fire data from Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) to characterize the daytime and nighttime dynamics of wildfires across the continental US. Whereas daytime fire activity was widely detected regardless of fire type, nighttime fire activity was mainly detected inside wildfires and particularly within…

Forest Service: Wildland fire metareview overview and discussion

Webinar registration. As part of the Forest Service’s quest to be a learning organization, it is important for all levels of the agency to learn as much as possible from accidents and incidents. In 2015, agency leadership directed the Forest Service Innovation and Organizational Learning team (IOL) to look across multiple years of incidents and accidents…

Fire and water

Webinar registration. The changing climate is reshaping the balance of fire and water in eastern ecosystems. Drought alters soil structure and stability; combined with intense rainfall, this impacts hydrologic dynamics. This panel will explore the interconnections between fire, nutrient cycling, ecohydrology, and climate change.

Fire and wildlife

Webinar registration. The good, bad, and ugly of fire and wildlife - roasty toasty critters or promoting sustainable habitat for expanding and healthy wildlife populations? Let’s discuss the pros and cons of fire on wildlife. How is the lack of fire at the necessary scale, frequency, intensity/severity, and seasonality one of the greatest threats to…

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