Emergence and early survival of early versus late seral species in Great Basin restoration in two different soil types

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This study found that early seral natives generally outperformed late seral natives when growing with exotics and had earlier emergence timing, although results differed among functional groups and soil types. Survival probabilities, however, did not differ between the early and late seral mixes when growing without exotics. Within each seed mix, native grasses exhibited the highest emergence probabilities of the functional groups. Natives did not suppress exotics in early life stages. Performance of B. tectorum was higher on sandy loam, while T. caput-medusae was highly successful in both soil types. Performance of native functional groups differed by soil type when growing with exotics but did not differ when growing without exotics. Survival of native grasses, in particular, was generally higher on sandy loam when growing with exotics.

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