The book, Exotic brome-grasses in arid and semiarid ecosystems of the western US: causes, consequences, and management implications, is presented in several chapters.

Access is provided for the following chapters -

Chapter 1 - Introduction: Exotic annual Bromus in the western USA
Chapter 2 - Exotic annual Bromus invasions: comparisons among species and ecoregions in the western US
Chapter 3 - Ecosystem impacts of exotic annual invaders in the genus Bromus
Chapter 7 - Community ecology of fungal pathogens on Bromus tectorum
Chapter 8 - Soil moisture and biogeochemical factors influence the distribution of annual Bromus species
Chapter 9 Bromus response to climate and projected changes with climate change
Chapter 10 - Plant community resistance to invasion by Bromus species: The roles of community attributes, Bromus interactions with plant communities, and Bromus traits
Chapter 11 - Land uses, fire, and invasion: Exotic annual Bromus and human dimensions
Chapter 12 - Assessing restoration and management needs for ecosystems invaded by exotic annual Bromus species