Utah conservation plan for greater sage-grouse

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This Plan identifies strategies to address localized threats to sage-grouse populations in Utah. Those strategies include—but are not limited to—the following:

  • Identify the highest-priority sage-grouse habitats and migration corridors, and protect at least 5,000 of those acres annually through conservation easements, or other mechanisms.
  • Improve and increase sage-grouse seasonal habitats by 75,000 acres each year, including riparian and mesic habitats.
  • Monitor sage-grouse population trends annually and, if necessary, implement adaptive management responses to ensure that priority populations remain viable and stable.
  • Coordinate with local, state and federal firefighting jurisdictions to include sage-grouse habitats as a priority during pre-fire attack planning and suppression, second only to the protection of human life and property.
  • Fund, support and implement critical research that supports the implementation of this Plan.

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