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Reclaim, Restore, Rewild – Joint conference with Canadian Land Reclamation, Society for Ecological Restoration, and Society of Wetland Scientists

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Reclaim, Restore, Rewild is a joint conference with Canadian Land Reclamation, Society for Ecological Restoration, and Society of Wetland Scientists. It will be June 19-24, 2021 at the Quebec City Convention Center in Canada.

The theme of the 2021 June 19-24 conference is “From Reclaiming to Restoring and Rewilding”. It aims to stimulate discussions about the range of environmental management approaches advocated by the three hosting societies. Reclaiming is recognized and practiced by many industries, including mining and petrol extraction. Restoring is recognized most broadly around the world, and has been the main focus of SER. Rewilding, or bringing back to nature, allows us to dream.

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Presentation Recordings from Working Lands for Wildlife Symposium: Joint Wildlife and American Fisheries Society Conference

The following links are recordings of the presentations made by Working Lands for Wildlife researchers at The Wildlife Society’s 26th Annual Conference. This conference was in Reno, Nevada in October 2019. These videos are courtesy of The Wildlife Society and the USDA-NRCS Working Lands for Wildlife and Conservation Effect Assessment Project.

Cut a tree, grow a grouse: Implications of juniper removal for sage-grouse population growth

Conifers in context: A community-based evaluation of conifer removal for sagebrush and woodland obligates

Sage-grouse: Microhabitat specialist or sagebrush generalist

Ground-dwelling arthropod community response to livestock grazing: Implications for avian conservation

Revolutionizing rangeland monitoring

Motivating large-scale resilience management on working lands: Outcomes for wildlife, water, and wildfire


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Utah All Hands-All Lands Summit

Access session recordings. Use password: SAGE2019

All Lands Summit was held at the Salt Lake City Downtown Radisson Hotel on Feb 5-7, 2019.


Restoring the West Conference – Presentation recordings from all past year’s conferences

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Overcoming land management and restoration challenges to achieve sustained yield of multiple uses on public lands has been the focus of the Annual Restoring the West Conferences for many years.

By law the U.S. Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and many other governmental agencies must manage their lands for “sustained yield” of “multiple-uses” like outdoor recreation, range, timber, watershed, and wildlife and fish “without … impairment of the productivity of the land”. Demand for these resources on public lands, and for ecosystem services and other previously unanticipated outputs, is increasing greatly. Management has gotten more complicated as uses and users have increased. At this conference researchers and managers share ideas about and examples of compromise, collaboration, and creativity that can improve management and restoration of public lands for sustained yield of the many resources we value.


Great Basin Wildfire Forum: The search for solutions

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This document includes scientist contributions and group recommendations that came from the Great Basin Wildfire Forum held at the University of Nevada in September of 2007.  In the first section, the editors provide background and overview of the major issues of the Great Basin as they relate to the wildfire forum discussions. The next section is an edited version of the individual contributions of the scientists based on their oral presentations and written contributions.


Society for Range Management (SRM) – 2018 Annual Meeting

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The Society for Range Management’s 71st Annual Meeting, Technical Training and Trade Show was at the Nugget Hotel in Sparks, Nevada.  The theme for the 2018 conference was Empowerment through Applied Science.


Fire Prediction Across Scales – 2017 Conference

The Columbia University Initiative on Extreme Weather and Climate is pleased to announce the conference “Fire Prediction Across Scales”, in New York City. The goal of the conference is to synthesize the cutting edge in fire prediction, ranging from the behavior of a single wildfire, to changes in global fire patterns over centuries.

The conference is intended for all in academia, government, and the private sector with an interest in the latest science behind fire prediction. Through a small set of invited talks, contributed posters, and discussion sessions, the conference will showcase the latest research on fire prediction and provide opportunities for networking and unstructured discussion.

For more information, visit conference website.


Geospatial and you – Broadscale assessments – 2015 Presentations of the GB Consortium Conference IV special session

Many inventory and assessment projects spanning large landscapes, the entire Great Basin, or the western US, have been completed recently or are underway for key natural resources. This special session of the 4th Great Basin Consortium Conference brought together leaders of these efforts to compare/contrast their efforts and create a synthesis product or “table of contents” for geospatial data users.
Geospatial presentations in pdf format are provided below:


Developing a common science framework for the integrated rangeland fire strategy and mitigation strategies

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This presentation was used to guide the Secretarial Order 3336 work session on Feb. 26, 2016 during the Sagebrush Ecosystem Conservation: All Hands, All Lands Conference.

The session agenda included:

  • Overview of SO 3336 and various actions required by IRFS as they relate to the Conservation and Restoration Strategy
  • Overview of the need to develop management zone mitigation strategies
  • Demonstrate of the work that has been completed to date
  • Discussion

Sagebrush re-establishment practices: 2012 RTEC meeting presentations

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Pdfs of the presentations from the 2012 RTEC Meeting: Sagebrush Re-establishment Practices.

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