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Science-based guidelines for safe application of vegetation maps derived from satellite imagery. Webinar recording available

Webinar recording.

Cara Applestein, Samuel “Jake” Price, and Matt Germino, USGS, present their latest work on accuracy assessments of the newest mapped products for burned areas. They will give guidelines for reliable application, including stating what is “unsafe” application, what the scientific basis for the guidelines are, and examples of how they use the data. They will address RAP, RCMAP, and LandCart.

Bar graph showing increase in nonforest area burned 2000-2020

More Area Burned in Non-Forest than Forest from 2000-2020 in the West

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Wildfires burned more area on non-forested lands than forested lands over the past 20 years. This was true for all land ownerships in CONUS and the western US. Burned area increased over the 20-year time period for both non-forest and forest. Across CONUS, annual area burned was higher on non-forest than forests for 14 of the past 21 years (Fig. 1), and total area burned was almost 3,000,000 ha more in non-forest than in forest. For the western US, total burned area was almost 1,500,000 ha more in non-forest than in forest. From a federal agency perspective, approximately 74% of the burned area on Department of the Interior (DOI) lands occurred in non-forest and 78% of the burned area on US Forest Service (FS) lands occurred in the forest.

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Western Forbs: Biology, Ecology, and Use in Restoration is now a Website

The Western Forbs: Biology, Ecology, and Use in Restoration project is now a website.

Westernforbs.org is designed to aid seed collectors, seed growers, nurserymen, landowners, restoration practitioners, and land managers as they increase the supply and use of native forbs.

  • Species menu tab – Offers complete reviews that synthesize existing research and practical  experience available for western forb species. Anything reported on the biology, ecology, seed technology, and use in wildland restoration is included.
  • Lookup Table menu tab – Summarizes forb species data in a searchable and filterable table. Included are the data on taxonomy, distribution, biology, ecology, seed supply development, and nursery and wildland restoration knowledge for each species.

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