Steering Committee Members

Mark Brunson

Professor, Environment and Society, Utah State University.
Coordinates with academic partners; sageSTEP liaison; co-leads evaluation.

Don Major

Fire and Landscape Ecologist, Idaho BLM.
Leads website function and updates, co-leads network of experts.

Fred Edwards

Great Basin Ecoregional Coordinator, BLM.
Leads webinar development; BLM-NV liaison.

Francis Kilkenny

Research Biologist, USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station.
Leads development of syntheses.

April Hulet

Assistant Professor, Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences, University of Idaho.
Coordinates with extension; leads program effectiveness assessments.

Elizabeth Leger

Associate Professor Natural Resources and Environmental Science, University of Nevada-Reno.
Leads project management.

Eva Strand

Assistant Professor Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences, University of Idaho.
Leads web-based training.

Cheri Howell

Ecologist, USFS.
Leads field-based connections.

Beth Newingham

Research Ecologist, ARS.
Leads development of agency mentors and cadres.

Jeremy Maestas

Sage Ecosystems Specialist, NRCS.
Coordinates with management partners; leads field workshops.

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