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Burning in the black range: Prescribed fire on the Gila National Forest

View video (8:16) A brief look at how the Black Range of the Gila National Forest goes about putting down thousands of acres of prescribed fire. See how the District works in...

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Evaluating LANDFIRE data in 12 steps

View video (9:12) This video by Heather Heward, University of Idaho, offers a short overview of the steps needed to review LANDFIRE data in the context of wildland fire and fuels management....

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Fish and fire: Habitat and history in the NW

View video (5:04) Two research fish biologists describe how fish in the Pacific Northwest have evolved with wildfire disturbances, and how considering this history can help inform management prescriptions for both wildfire...

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Fire and smoke: We are in this together

View Ted Talk (17:24) One of the most important topics today is the issue of wildfires and smoke in our Valley. Chris Chambers, The Wildlife Division Chief and Merv George the Forest...

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The surprising history of wildfires and the West

View video (4:26) We’ve spent 100 years growing a tinderbox across the West. Now it’s wildfire season. Controlled burning – an indigenous tradition that’s been used for millennia – might be a...

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Wildfire in the news

View video (3:50) When wildfires happen, the news media plays an important role in covering events, providing information, and influencing public understanding. In this video, two scientists discuss recent research on how...

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Up and down: The wildfire economy

View video (3:40) Two researchers discuss findings from studies on how wildfires affect local economies across the U.S. west, from onset to recovery and beyond. 

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Wildland firefighter health effects: Brief overview

View video (5:31) This video provides a brief overview of a new approach to examine the potential health effects that wildland firefighters may experience working on wildland fires. This effort is a...

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Ready, set, go! and Camp Fire lessons learned videos

Access the short videos.  

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The return of fire

View short video (4:11) Fire researchers discuss the return of fire to western U.S. landscapes in the context of wildfire history.

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