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Exploring CA climate change connections

Workshop registration Please join us in a virtual workshop to explore the latest scientific evidence for the interconnectedness of climate change and its impacts. CalEPA’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment is...

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Supporting tribal wildland fire programs

Join on zoom. Presenter: Peter Wakeland, Acting Superintendent with the Puget Sound Agency of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Grand Ronde tribal member, and Oregon State University, Forest Engineering, Resources and Management...

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Rapid and surprising dieback of Utah juniper in the southwestern USA due to acute drought stress

View article. We observed that juniper canopy dieback was most severe (>60% canopy dieback) at hot, dry, low elevation sites, and was associated with drought-induced hydraulic damage. There was no evidence that...

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Fire and climate change

Webinar registration. Can we use climate predictions to plan future predictions to plan future fire management and research? How are we adapting now?

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Southwest FireCLIME: Collaborative tools and science developed through JFSP

View short video (6:30) Southwest FireCLIME is a multi-year research partnership between scientists and resource managers to synthesize current knowledge of regional climate-fire-ecosystem dynamics. Our project has addressed this goal through science...

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The sensitivity of snow ephemerality to warming climate across an arid to montane vegetation gradient

View article. Shifts from longer seasonal snowpacks to shorter, ephemeral snowpacks (snowpacks that persist for <60 days) due to climate change will alter the timing and rates of water availability. Ephemeral snowmelt...

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The Cohesive Strategy in 2020: Dynamic adaptation in a novel world

Workshop recordings. Description: The event will provide leaders intent around the Cohesive Strategy moving forward and context for 2020 implementation to date. Presenters: Vicki Christiansen, Chief, US Forest Service; Jeff Rupert, Director,...

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Forests and water yield: A synthesis of disturbance effects on streamflow and snowpack in western coniferous forests

View the synthesis article. In coniferous western forests, recent widespread tree mortality provided opportunities to test the long-held theory that forest cover loss increases water yield. We reviewed 78 studies of hydrologic...

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Society for Range Management- 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

Conference website. The Annual SRM meeting will be virtual. The meeting theme is “Rangelands – New Frontiers” and we hope to highlight many new ideas and endeavors occurring on rangelands across the...

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Validating climate-change refugia: Emperical bottom-up approaches to support management

View article. Efforts to conserve biodiversity increasingly focus on identifying climate- change refugia – areas relatively buffered from contem-porary climate change over time that enable species persistence. Identification of refugia typically includes...

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