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Up and down: The wildfire economy

View video (3:40) Two researchers discuss findings from studies on how wildfires affect local economies across the U.S. west, from onset to recovery and beyond. 

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Forest woody biomass operations and biomass production

Access webinar recording. Description: Webinar focuses on three critical areas of bioenergy and bioproducts research and development: 1) sustainable and economically efficient forest biomass management and production systems, 2) competitive low-emissions biofuels...

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Weather, risk, and resource orders on large fires in the western US

View article. Study results suggest that weather is a primary driver of resource orders over the course of extended attack efforts on large fires. Incident Management Teams (IMTs) synthesize information about weather,...

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Role of previous fires in the management and expenditures of subsequent large wildfires

View article. Using a sample of 722 large fires from the western United States, we observe whether a fire interacted with a previous fire, the percent area of fires burned by previous...

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Cost-effective fuel treatment planning: Theoretical justification and case study

View article. Modelling the spatial prioritization of fuel treatments and their net effect on values at risk is an important area for applied work as economic damages from wildfire continue to grow....

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USFWS Socioeconomic Profiles Tool

Access the Socioeconomic Profile tool The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Socioeconomic Profile tool is a free, web-based tool created by Headwaters Economics to help government agency land managers, economists, planners, outreach...

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Disaster spending and mitigation: A state-by-state story

Webinar recording. This webinar will provide an overview of The Pew Charitable Trust’s recent work on natural disaster spending. Remarks will focus on how all levels of government—and states in particular—can manage...

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Minorities are most vulnerable when wildfires strike in the US

View article. This study, which can be found in the journal PLoS One, suggests that people of color, especially Native Americans, face more risk from wildfires than whites. It is another example...

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Socioeconomic vulnerability to ecological changes to national forests and grasslands in the Southwest

View report. The flow of ecosystem services derived from forests and grasslands in the Southwestern United States may change in the future. People and communities may be vulnerable if they are exposed,...

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Full community costs of wildfire

View webinar recording. This webinar was originally presented August 29, 2018 11am AZ/12pm MDT by Kimiko Barrett of Headwaters Economics. As wildfires increase in size and severity, the costs to protect homes...

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