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Living with PTSD: A wildland firefighter perspective

Webinar registration. Presenter: Marc Titus, Staff Specialist, Nevada Division of Forestry’s Fire Adapted Communities and MS Student in Psychology, Arizona State University. Description: PTSD is quietly impacting wildland firefighters with its often...

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Joint Fire Science Program 2019 progress report

View report. This progress report highlights some of the many contributions and impacts of the JFSP over the past 2 years including: Continued scientific output from wildland fire research through manuscripts, management...

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Potential Operational Delineations (PODs), what are they and how do they work on the ground?

Webinar registration. A presentation on Potential Operational Delineations (PODs) from multiple perspectives including both scientists and managers. We will discuss how PODs were used in Northern New Mexico past fire seasons where...

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16th International Wildland Fire Safety Summit and 6th Human Dimensions of Wildland Fire Conference

Visit conference website. A virtual conference, for real world problems. Join us on a trip around the world through the lens of wildland fire. Across four days in May 2021, the IAWF...

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When the fire starts: A science-based framework for risk-based incident response

View factsheet. Potential Operational Delineations (PODs) is a spatial wildfire planning framework that brings together operational fire responses and landscape management goals from Forest Planning documents. The PODs risk-based framework helps managers...

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Impacts of COVID-19 on the 2020 fire season

Webinar recording. Presenters: Cathelijne Stoof, Wageningen University, Netherlands Val Chalton, Landworks, South Africa Tomás Withington, Administración de Parques Nacionales de Argentina, Argentina Cristiano Foderi, University of Firenze, Italy Erin Belval, Colorado State...

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Wildland firefighter health effects: Brief overview

View video (5:31) This video provides a brief overview of a new approach to examine the potential health effects that wildland firefighters may experience working on wildland fires. This effort is a...

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WildfireSAFE: A tool to provide rapid, actionable intelligence to inform risk-based decision making for wildland fire operations

USFS webinar recording. Description: Webinar discusses safety tools for wildland firefighters. Safe and effective wildland firefighting operations require access to real-time, actionable intelligence about the wildland fire environment. Historically, this information has...

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Wildland Fire Learning Portal

Access courses. These online courses were developed by Wildland Fire Management Research, Development, and Application, Fire Regime Condition Class, LANDFIRE, National Wildfire Coordinating Group, and National Advanced Fire and Resource Institute.

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An introduction to the new US National Fire Danger Rating System

Webinar recording. In this webinar, Matt Jolly (Research Ecologist, USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station) presents the structure and function of the current version of the US National Fire Danger Rating,...

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