Human Dimensions of Fire

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16th International Wildland Fire Safety Summit and 6th Human Dimensions of Wildland Fire Conference

Visit conference website. A virtual conference, for real world problems. Join us on a trip around the world through the lens of wildland fire. Across four days in May 2021, the IAWF...

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Emotional intelligence for wildland fire professionals: Why it matters and why you should care

Webinar recording. Description: It is crucial for wildland fire professionals today to be technically competent in their jobs. What is less obvious and less understood is the cognitive competency needed for our...

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Proactive wildfire risk management tools: A video series

Access the videos ranging from about 1:30-10:00 in length.

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Sharing Science and Lessons Learned: COVID-19 and Wildfire

Webinar recording. Description: As COVID-19 cases and wildland fire activity increase across the country, wildland fire personnel are looking for ways to quickly identify cases and prevent the spread of the disease on...

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Data, science, and methods behind the Wildfire Risk to Communities Website

Webinar recording. Description: Learn about the science and data used to calculate and map wildfire risk nationwide in the newWildfire Risk to Communities website. Hear from the project’s technical lead about the...

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Using the Wildfire Risk to Communities Website

Webinar recording. Description: See a demonstration of the new Wildfire Risk to Communities website, including use of the interactive maps, charts, and resources available for every community, county, and state in the...

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A public engagement protocol: Social science support of planning efforts

USFS webinar recording. Description: Forest planning and management efforts, including both forest plan revision and comprehensive river management planning, require extensive public engagement. Social science approaches that are practically applied by practitioners...

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4th Annual National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy Workshop

Visit the workshop website for more information. The 4th Annual National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy Workshop will be in Asheville, North Carolina October 26-30, 2020. The workshop theme is: Hard truths, fantastic...

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Perceptions of land use planning to reduce wildfire risk in eight communities across the US

View article. Wildfires are increasingly common in the United States, the result of climate change, altered wildfire regimes, and expanding residential development in close proximity to wildland vegetation. Both suppression expenditures and...

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Exposure complexity and community capacity to manage wildfire risk: Analysis of 60 western US communities

Access article. We analyzed the relationship between predicted housing exposure to wildfire and local self-assessment of community competence to mitigate wildfire risks in 60 communities in the western US. Results generally demonstrate...

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