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Wildfire smoke: A guide for public health officials

Access the guide. This document, originally developed by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), is designed to help local public health officials prepare for...

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Wildfire smoke cools summer river and stream water temperatures

View study. This study analyzed data on summer wildfire smoke, solar radiation, air temperatures, precipitation, river discharge, and water temperatures in the lower Klamath River Basin in Northern California. Previous studies have...

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Fire behavior and smoke modelling: Needs for next-generation forecasting

Read the review. This review paper presents simulations and experiments of hypothetical prescribed burns with a suite of selected fire behavior and smoke models and identifies major issues for model improvement and...

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Smoke emissions sensing and sampling by unmanned aircraft systems: Development and testing

View article. Poor air quality arising from prescribed and wildfire smoke emissions poses threats to human health and therefore must be taken into account for the planning and implementation of prescribed burns...

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Estimating fire smoke related health burden and novel tools to manage impacts on urban populations

View report. This study comprehensively assessed the health risks posed by smoke exposure, and constructed new tools to estimate and forecast smoke concentration levels and associated health effects. We accomplished these goals...

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Comparing smoke exposure from wildfires and Rx fires

View brief. This study examines the differences in community level exposures to smoke from both wildfire and prescribed fire.

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Smoke exposure health effects and mitigations for wildland fire personnel

View webinar recording. Wildland firefighters are exposed to wood smoke, which contains hazardous air pollutants, during wildland fire management assignments across the U.S. each year. In this webinar, Kathleen Navarro, PhD, presented...

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Smoke Sense App

Access App EPA researchers initiated a citizen science project called Smoke Sense. This project has two broad objectives. The first to increase awareness of the known health effects associated with exposure to...

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Wildland fire smoke health effects on wildland firefighters and the public

View report. Using epidemiology studies to understand the exposure-response relationship for PM, this study found that firefighters were at an increased risk for long-term health effects from smoke exposure. The risk for...

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Resources for predicting and mitigating smoke impacts of wildfires

View article. This working paper describes how Air Resource Advisors use smoke modeling and monitoring tools to build a toolkit for fire managers and to improve public communication.

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