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Partnering for ecosystem conservation is essential

View brief. Discussions of successes, struggles, and failures with partner-specific tools are vital to the successful implementation of “translational ecology” a formal term for biological conservation partnerships.

Western roots: Diving into a sagebrush sea of diversity

Access brief. What may appear at first glance as a sea of sagebrush is in reality a complex and diverse ecosystem with a wide variety of plants and animals. The sagebrush steppe...

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Wildland-urban interface (WUI) growth in the U.S.

View research brief. We have been studying the WUI in the U.S. for more than 10 years, looking at where WUI areas were once located, where they are now, and where we...

Grazing lands have more bugs for birds

View research brief. A study comparing insect communities in grazed, rested, and idled pastures in Montana found that the types of insects that provide a critical food source for sage grouse chicks...

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Jumpstarting recovery of Wyoming big sagebrush and other native plants out on the range

View research brief. Key findings of this research were: Burned low-elevation sagebrush sites can be seeded with mixes of native grasses, forbs and shrubs using rangeland drills adapted for seeding large and...

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Non-native plants, fuels, and desert revegetation

View research brief. In this study, we conducted a field and data synthesis of nine years of annual plant communities occurring below perennial plants the National Park Service (NPS) had outplanted in...

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Burning for butterflies: Weather and fuel conditions for butterfly habitat

View research brief. In this study, researchers measured vegetation structure and fuel moisture (pre-burn), weather conditions, belowground heat dosages, and peak temperatures (during the burn), and burn severities and unburned refugia (post-burn)...

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Resources for predicting and mitigating smoke impacts of wildfires

View article. This working paper describes how Air Resource Advisors use smoke modeling and monitoring tools to build a toolkit for fire managers and to improve public communication.

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Prescribed fire policy barriers and opportunities

View brief. This represents the first phase of a project investigating policies that limit managers’ ability to conduct prescribed fire on US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands in...

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Restoring sagebrush with ‘Modern Wildfire’

View story map. Decades of overgrazing and wildfire suppression have let juniper trees grow large and spread far across sagebrush country, reducing habitat for sage grouse and other wildlife, and creating conditions...