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Wildland fire operations: Discussing current practices and necessary changes

View report. This collection represents collective insight into how we operate and why we must alter some of our most ingrained practices and perspectives.

Partnering for ecosystem conservation is essential

View brief. Discussions of successes, struggles, and failures with partner-specific tools are vital to the successful implementation of “translational ecology” a formal term for biological conservation partnerships.

Facilitation, coordination, and trust in landscape-level forest restoration

View article. Collaborative forest management efforts often encounter challenges related to process and stakeholder relationships. To address these challenges, groups may employ the services of coordinators and facilitators who perform a range...

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Wildfire Preparedness – Resources from Cal Fire

Visit Cal Fire wildfire preparedness website. Many resources are available on preparing and preventing wildfire and living and coping after wildfire.

Wildfire Mitigation Academy and Community Mitigation Assistance Team Training

Apply for this training by 12/1. The Wildfire Mitigation Academy and Community Mitigation Assistance Team (CMAT) training in Boise, ID is two days of training by national wildfire mitigation subject matter experts...

Lessons learned from Learn-n-Burn events

View recording. “Learn and Burn” workshops are an excellent way for private landowners and others to gain hands-on burning experience and knowledge from expert mentors. This webinar will provide some lessons learned...

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How today’s professionals prefer to find the science they need to do their jobs

View article. At seven focus groups held across the United States, natural resource professionals were asked how they found the science needed to do their jobs. Although searching for science online was...

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Online Fire and Natural Resources Courses from the University of Idaho

Note: The dates presented here are general spring semester dates. Please visit the UI website for details about dates and timing. The University of Idaho (UI) offers a variety of online fire...

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Fire and archaeology: Working together to protect cultural resources during wildfire and prescribed fire

View video. Land managers are challenged to protect cultural resources within the context of reintroducing fire on the landscape. Positive relationships and partnerships are essential to effective management.

Does wildfire open a policy window? Local government and community adaptation after fire in the US

View article. We examined how destructive wildfire affected progress toward becoming fire adapted in eight locations in the United States. We found that community-level adaptation following destructive fires is most common where...