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Connectivity and climate change – 2010 Workshop presentations

A multidisciplinary team of agency and university researchers presented assessments of current connectivity of riparian vegetation and wildlife habitat including sage-grouse and projections of connectivity for multiple species of animals and plants under different scenarios of environmental change.
Workshop presentations in pdf format:
Great Basin Fire Science Delivery Project– Eugénie MontBlanc
Great Basin Research and Management Partnership – Jeanne Chambers
Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative – Mike Pellant
Great Basin Environmental Program website – Bob Alverts
Connectivity for greater sage-grouse – Steve Knick
Projecting Current and Future Connectivity– Erica Fleishman
Connectivity Analysis Toolkit – Carlos Carroll
Data Basin – Tosha Comendant

This workshop was a collaborative effort of the Great Basin Fire Science Exchange and the Great Basin Connectivity Working Group.


November 15, 2010

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