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Assessment of the need for native seeds and their supply

View report. Across the United States, millions of acres of land have been so disturbed by human activities or severe climate events that significant portions of their native plant communities have been...

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Joint Fire Science Program 2019 progress report

View report. This progress report highlights some of the many contributions and impacts of the JFSP over the past 2 years including: Continued scientific output from wildland fire research through manuscripts, management...

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Forest and rangeland soils of the US under changing conditions: A comprehensive science synthesis

View synthesis. This open access book synthesizes leading-edge science and management information about forest and rangeland soils of the United States. It offers ways to better understand changing conditions and their impacts...

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Interpreting indicators of rangeland health- Version 5

View the reference. The Interpreting Indicators of Rangeland Health (IIRH) protocol is designed for assessing ecosystem function on rangelands and woodlands. The protocol was developed by an interagency cadre of technical experts...

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Effects of fire and restoration on habitats and populations of western hummingbirds: A literature review

View literature review. To inform future restoration efforts, we reviewed the known effects of fire and habitat management and restoration on hummingbirds in four key habitat types in North America. We examined...

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Long-term effects of restoration treatments in invaded Wyoming big sagebrush

View report. Western US sagebrush ecosystems are threatened due to multiple interacting factors: encroachment by conifer woodlands, exotic annual grass invasion, severe wildfire, climate change, and anthropogenic development. Restoration of these communities...

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Forests and water yield: A synthesis of disturbance effects on streamflow and snowpack in western coniferous forests

View the synthesis article. In coniferous western forests, recent widespread tree mortality provided opportunities to test the long-held theory that forest cover loss increases water yield. We reviewed 78 studies of hydrologic...

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Restoration applications of resource objective wildfires in western US forests: A status of knowledge review

View synthesis. Frequent-fire forests of the western United States have undergone remarkable changes in structure, composition, and function due to historical exclusion of naturally occurring fire. Mechanized tree thinning to reduce forest...

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Invasive grasses: A new perfect storm for forested ecosystems?

View the synthesis. Exotic grasses are a widespread set of invasive species that are notable for their ability to significantly alter key aspects of ecosystem function. Understanding the role and importance of...

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Effects of fire on grassland soils and water: A review

Access synthesis. Grasslands occur on all of the continents. They collectively constitute the largest ecosystem in the world, making up 40.5% of the terrestrial land area, excluding Greenland and Antarctica. Grasslands are...

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