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Invasive Annual Grass Workshop

Invasive annual grasses threaten millions of acres of sagebrush rangelands across the west. This two day workshop hosted by the Harney County Wildfire Collaborative and Oregon SageCon Partnership will explore the barriers...

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Wildfire and invasives in sagebrush: current and future management challenges – A gap report update

View report. This Gap Report Update is the latest addition to the list of valuable products of the Working Group designed to help identify the challenges (gaps) and offer ideas to address...

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Cheatgrass, medusahead, and ventenata: Symposium and field trip

View Part 1 (2:12) and Part II (2:08) recordings of this symposium. This special half-day webinar symposium provides an in-depth review of three invasive grasses (cheatgrass, medusahead, ventenata) in the Western US.

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Top 50 invasive species in the West from the Western Governors Association

View brief. The Western Governors’ Association (WGA) has addressed this need by surveying invasive species coordinators in WGA member states and territories Top 50 Invasive Species in the West to develop the...

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Indicators of ventenata invasion in sagebrush steppe rangelands

View article. Though widely distributed throughout the study region, ventenata only appeared in 45% of the 225 plots, and foliar cover was typically less than 50%. It was primarily found in ephemerally...

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Fire and grazing influence site resistance to cheatgrass invasion

Access article. USGS scientists Lea Condon and David Pyke tested the idea that biotic communities mediate the effects of disturbances such as fire and grazing on site resistance by using structural equation...

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Fighting fire with native plants

View brief. Large wildfires have dominated the news in much of the western U.S. this past summer. Conservancy scientists working in rangelands and forests are engaged in many efforts to understand, cope...

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Economics study shows it pays to treat invasive grass on the ranch

View brief. This report found that treating low infestations across all three levels of forage production yields a financial gain, ranging from 21 cents to $4.94 per acre. However, treating highly infested...

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Cheatgrass is bad- A conversation with Mike Pellant, BLM, retired

View brief. Cheatgrass is now found in at least 49 states, although it’s mainly a problem in the semi-arid Great Basin — which stretches across portions of Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, and...

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Ecologically based invasive plant management: Lessons from the area-wide demonstration project

View recording. Read webinar brief. This webinar discusses the process as well as take home messages from area-wide demonstration projects on cheatgrass reduction. Roger Sheley, USDA ARS, presented. This webinar was the...

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