Wildland Urban Interface

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Wildfire mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery

Webinar recording. Description: Throughout the past 5 years, Gila County has been faced with record breaking wildfire activity. Learn how Gila County Emergency Management works with their Public Safety partners to overcome...

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Shared Wildfire Risk Mitigation Tool

Webinar recording. Lowell Ballard, Director of Geospatial Solutions with Timmons Group will be presenting the latest developments in the Shared Wildfire Risk Mitigation (SWRM) Dashboard Tool that uses GIS data to provide...

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The Cohesive Strategy in 2020: Dynamic adaptation in a novel world

Workshop recordings. Description: The event will provide leaders intent around the Cohesive Strategy moving forward and context for 2020 implementation to date. Presenters: Vicki Christiansen, Chief, US Forest Service; Jeff Rupert, Director,...

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Five key areas around the home to examine for fire risk

View video (2:39)

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Ready, set, go! and Camp Fire lessons learned videos

Access the short videos.  

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Wildfire trends across the western US: Forest fires have increased in size, severity, and frequency across western forests

Access report. Wildfire across the western US has increased in size, frequency, and severity since the 1950s. These changes are closely linked with increases in temperature and an increased frequency and intensity...

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Exposure complexity and community capacity to manage wildfire risk: Analysis of 60 western US communities

Access article. We analyzed the relationship between predicted housing exposure to wildfire and local self-assessment of community competence to mitigate wildfire risks in 60 communities in the western US. Results generally demonstrate...

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Social vulnerability and wildfire in the WUI: A synthesis

Access synthesis. The overall objective of this paper is to clarify areas of debate, clearly define and contrast disparate approaches, and synthesize findings that may help address vulnerability to wildfires and other...

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Colorado Wildland Fire Virtual Conference

Visit conference website. This year’s conference, Discover Your Role: Reducing Wildland Fire Risk will provide an in-depth exploration of how community members across the spectrum can effectively contribute to better fire outcomes...

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Understanding homeowners’ decisions to mitigate wildfire risk and create defensible space

View article. This article analyses homeowners’ decisions to undertake fire-safe investments and create defensible space on their property using a unique dataset from 35 wildland–urban interface communities in Nevada. The dataset combines...

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