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ESRI Wildfire Public Information Map

Access interactive map. ESRI developed an interactive map of US wildfire locations, perimeters, fire potential areas, global burn areas, wind conditions, and precipitation via streaming data from NIFC, GeoMAC, NHSS, MODIS, METAR/TAF, and the USDA...

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LANDFIRE – Landscape fire and resource management planning tools

Access LANDFIRE tools. LANDFIRE is a shared program between the wildland fire management programs of the USDA-FS and DOI, providing landscape scale geo-spatial products to support cross-boundary planning, management, and operations. It provides...

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Nevada Integrated Climate and Evapotranspiration Network (NICE Net)

Access NICE Net. NICE Net is a weather station network measuring weather variables to assess climate and reference evapotranspiration across the state of Nevada. The focus of the NICE Net is to...