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Bromus Database

Access Bromus database.

The Bromus database contains information about Bromus species, both invasive and non-invasive, from all parts of the globe. It provides information about range and distribution, habitat, plant traits, environmental interactions, invasions and invasiveness, human uses, and management.

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Great Basin Weather and Climate Dashboard

Access dashboard.

The Great Basin Weather and Climate Dashboard came about from a need to help stakeholders locate the weather and climate information they need to make decisions related to the current drought in the Great Basin. The Dashboard is a joint effort by the Western Regional Climate Center, California and Nevada Applications Program,the USDA Farm Service Agency and the Great Basin LCC.

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SoilWeb Applications

Access app.

SoilWeb 2.0 App update released in June 2019

SoilWeb Apps from the UC Davis California Soil Resource Lab provide access to USDA-NCSS detailed soil survey data (SSURGO) for most of the United States.

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NEPAssist Tool

Access NEPAssist tool.

NEPAssist is a tool that facilitates the environmental review process and project planning in relation to environmental considerations. The web-based application draws environmental data dynamically from EPA Geographic Information System databases and web services and provides immediate screening of environmental assessment indicators for a user-defined area of interest. These features contribute to a streamlined review process that potentially raises important environmental issues at the earliest stages of project development.

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Landscape Similarity Toolbox

Access toolbox.

The Landscape Similarity Toolbox was developed by the Great Basin Landscape Ecology Lab at the University of Nevada to assist scientists and land managers with selecting control sites that are as similar as possible. Although the tools were developed with large-scale landscape treatments in mind, such as prescribed burning, grazing, and forestry actions, they should be applicable to observational studies and smaller scale experiments that aim to capture landscape context.

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Nevada Integrated Climate and Evapotranspiration Network (NICE Net)

Access NICE Net.

NICE Net is a weather station network measuring weather variables to assess climate and reference evapotranspiration across the state of Nevada. The focus of the NICE Net is to measure and provide climate data that are derived from agricultural areas of Nevada for estimating irrigation water requirements.

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Climate Information for Managed Fire Webpage

Access webpage.

The Climate Information for Managed Fire Webpage provides links to models and tools that can be used for managed fire decision-making.

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